E - Bikes is the new age of cycling 


Give you and your bike a new lease of life with an custom electric conversion. Hills are no problem anymore and what better way of seeing the countryside, going to work or shopping without getting out of breath from  £750

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 Lynn and Bill have made the decision to stay working from home.


To help keep our customers safe we have an appointments only system in place. 

Please contact us for more information. 

07880 815 555


 Thank you all for your support.



  With summer here, now would be an excellent time to treat your partner or your self to an electric conversion system for your bike.



 Now is the time to convert your bike.

We can convert your own bike from as little as £750

You know you deserve one.

With Lynn working full time with me, we can now offer  ladies one to one free pre and post sales electric bike tuition 




Please note, the maximum size electric motor fitted to a bicycle for use on any public highway is 250 watts.

Anything larger ie. above 250 watts can only be used on private land with the land owners permission 


  Carry on  cycling and keep your joints in tune.


 We are now undertaking repairs  to SOME  makes of e-bikes.

So if you  have a problem  give us a call

07880 815 555


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No customer details are retained on file for any reasons whatsoever.